Posted on Mar 18, 2020

GOMEZ TOMICZEK / Abel Gomez Tomiczek

In solidarity with our community, and the unprecedented situation that exists in Panama and the world, GOMEZ TOMICZEK following recommendations of the European Union to reduce the risk of COVID-19 contagion, we have implemented a series of rules:
1. We limit our meetings by appointment.
2. We safeguard that there is a prudent distance between people inside and outside our offices.
3. Clean Hands are required to enter our offices.
4. If you feel symptoms, don't go out, please.
5. Do not attend our facilities with children.
6. We prefer deposits or bank transfers.

We request your cooperation in order to carry out our work in the best possible way, taking into consideration the recommendations issued by competent authorities.
Help us to carry out our work and be considerate of everyone's health, TOGETHER WE CAN WIN this fight COVID-19.
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